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About Me

I am a single child.
A little spoiled but not a brat.
A wife to a workaholic.
A mother to a socialist.

At twenty-seven,
life may not be at the top
But life isn’t down
Hanging somewhere in the midst
I will pick up my remains
To make sure at seventy-two
If I am not at the top
I am not underneath below.

I am going to rock it one day.
That day might be far!
But what is the destination worth
If it lay next to my house?

I am a little bit of everything and nothing.

But one day you may know me better just the way I would. My second innings as a writer and a blogger begins here.

I am Soumaiya Khan, author to the novel Forgetting Forgiveness.

Why thedanishgirrl because I am a hopeless romantic and You

wouldn’t know me if I weren’t danish’s girrl.
My husband and I are the two letters of your keyboard β€œSD”
that are always going to be together.

Currently trying to write my way to your heart with my blog here.